We are extremely happy we've found you and Parisi Soccer. Tyler truly looks forward to and enjoys his time with you. We've seen him take to heart what you've worked on with him.  He has his goals written down in a few places throughout the house and refers to them often.  We have and continue to recommend you to our friends.  Thanks so much for taking the time to work with Tyler!
--Kevin D’Agostino

I am quite pleased with the training you have given Kayleigh. I feel that it has not only improved her skills but is boosting her self-esteem. It was a big hit when she found out she was cut from the competition team that she played five seasons with.  Your training is prompting her to work harder to hopefully get her spot back!
Watching her play this weekend was amazing. I felt like I was watching a different kid! She took two shots on goal and made several diving saves when in goal.
--Johnna Divito

Parisi soccer has definitely helped Peyton. I would recommend Parisi Soccer to anyone.
--Marlon DeRouen

My son has been training with Parisi Soccer for the last year and it has been one of the best decisions I made. They are very knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to improving the performance of his athletes. I’ve seen firsthand how my son’s agility, foot skills, strength, and confidence have improved. I highly recommend it to any inspiring soccer athlete who wants to complete at the next level.

--Dan Wilczynski

My son Jake has been doing 1 on 1 soccer training with Parisi Speed training school over the last three months. Jake has been playing for Oakwood Soccer for the last 2 years and we wanted to get him extra training to take him to the next level. The improvement we have seen over that time is remarkable. Not only has Jake's speed, agility, and skills improved but his increased confidence has enabled him to begin to shine on the field. We intend to continue with the program as it has made a substantial impact on our son's soccer development and feel the sky's the limit going forward for Jake.
--Jeff Rajotte

Parisi Soccer has been a fantastic experience for my sixteen year old daughter Sam, who currently plays at the ECNL level. Not only did my daughter rehab from a major injury, she also fine tuned her soccer skills.  Working on foot skills, or ball striking and implementing soccer game position awareness, to beginner or advanced goalie training,  I would without hesitation urge you call Parisi Soccer and schedule a training session.
--John Plourde

 “Our son has been playing soccer since the age of 4.  Currently, a high school freshman, he needed work on becoming faster and stronger.  We enrolled him in personal training at Parisi Soccer.  He received one-on-one training with James Perkins.  Since working he has improved his speed, learned better and faster change of direction moves and overall has improved the quality of his game.  I think the biggest benefit has been his boost in his self-confidence.  I would highly recommend this quality program for any athlete looking to gain a competitive edge”.
 --Cheryl Turro

Parisi Speed School’s Soccer Training has been instrumental in my 11 year old daughter’s soccer improvement.  I brought her to Parisi because although she is enrolled in a premier developmental program in our town, she needed one to one attention that training in a large group just couldn’t provide.  After just one, 6-session term I noticed a vast improvement in her play.  She is currently in her third session at Parisi and continues consistent improvement in her speed and agility, decision making, foot skills and strength.   My daughter’s progress would not be as rapid without the one to one attention I have found for her at Parisi Speed School’s Soccer Training and I recommend it without hesitation to any parent seeking to improve their child’s soccer skills to the next level.

​--Deb Flaherty

When Maddi started her training just 5 weeks ago upon returning from total ACL surgery. She could barely jog 5 min on the treadmill. Today she completed a 3 mile run in 18:22.. An average of 6:07 mile!!! She is faster than before her injury!! Wolcott High School won't notice that flash running down the soccer field! Thank you! And think this is only the beginning!!

--Mary Gervase