Parisi Soccer Training:
  • Improves Linear Speed and Running Technique for a more fluid and powerful running stride
  • Increases functional strength to gain position against your opponent and for stronger and longer shots, crosses and throw-ins.
  • Improves rotational and core strength for fast and powerful shots and better overall balance.
  • Enhances flexibility
  • Change of Direction Technique, and acceleration to reach the ball faster, beat opponents and avoid your marker.
  • Improves directional movement to twist, rotate, jump, control, slide, pass and shoot.

How does Parisi Soccer Training help improve a player and how it relates to on-field play?


  • Beating an opponent to a ball
  • Getting in behind a defender as a forward
  • A defender getting back to cover his/her line

Upper body strength

  • Increase speed
  • Increase power when jumping
  • Holding players off

Lower body strength

  • Increase speed and power
  • Better vertical jump for headers
  • Injury prevention

Change of Direction

  • Players are constantly changing direction
  • Losing a player to get to a ball first
  • The quicker you can stop, the sooner you begin your next movement